Skull Tales: Full Sail! - Complete Edition
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The Southern Lady cuts through the waves, the water spraying your face as you stare out at the Caribbean sea. Lost in thought, you remember the first time you came across a Spanish Galleon. Few of you managed to escape that mess with your lives, but that marked the moment when you began forging your destiny as a pirate. Now, your reputation precedes you wherever you go, instilling fear among your enemies. Nothing will get in your way of becoming the most infamous pirate to ever sail the high seas…

Make your own destiny and become the terror of the seas in Skull Tales: Full Sail!

Skull Tales: Full Sail! is a pirate adventures board game with miniatures. Set sail on the Southern Lady and explore the beautiful Caribbean sea, ripe with fearsome enemies and amazing treasures. Fame and fortune await you!

Choose among twelve starting characters, each one with its own unique miniature, to be used on the different boards as you play through the game. Find all the information you need to start playing on their character sheets.

In Skull Tales: Full Sail! You’ll be able to play individual scenarios or embark upon an immersive campaign that threads several different scenarios together into one captivating storyline.

Skull Tales, created by David Illescas, is a semi-cooperative game for 1-5 players aged 14 and up. The approximate playing time in Campaign Mode is between 60-90 minutes for one scenario and about 150 minutes for a complete chapter (Voyage, Adventure and Port). The game also includes 52 miniatures - not counting stretch goals!

This Version includes;

Complete game with 52 miniatures

ALL the unlocked stretch goals (exclusive and free expansion too)

Following Add-ons:

Set of 12 Doors & 5 Chests

Set of 10 custom Dice

Wooden Dice tower

The Twins: two miniatures representing the Twins Characters, controlled by one player, with two Character cards and exclusive Equipment

Sea Miniatures for Voyage Phase: 11 miniatures to replace the tokens in the Voyage Phase

The Dynamic Duo

Hersteller Eclipse Editorial
Kategorie / Typ Miniaturenspiel
Artikelnummer 064
Anzahl Spieler 1 bis 5
Alter ab 14 Jahren
Spieldauer 150 Minuten
Sprachen englisch
Produktsicherheit Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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