Survive The Card Game
DB Games

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In a hostile nuclear winter, who has what it takes to survive?

Survive the Card Game is a competitive game that forces players to play co-operatively. Every round you will need to have food, water, and shelter to avoid losing life. The last player standing is the winner.

You'll need to search for resources, but searching brings the risk of wild beast attacks. If you don't have all the resources you need, you can try negotiating a trade with the other players, but who can you trust when everyone's just out for themselves? If you have a weapon you could use it to take what you want, but that will leave you open to wild beast attack, and who else at the table is armed?

Play too aggressively and you risk other players teaming up to take you out, or just refusing to trade with you. Play too meekly and you may end up being a target, or just fail to attain any of the resources you require to survive.

Every decision you make will be fraught with danger, and could spell your doom. Do you have what it takes to outlast everyone and be the last one standing?

Hersteller DB Games
Kategorie / Typ Kartenspiel
Artikelnummer 036
Anzahl Spieler 3 bis 7
Alter ab 14 Jahren
Spieldauer 20 bis 40 Minuten
Sprachen englisch
Produktsicherheit Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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