UND1C1 - Kickstarter Version
DM Giochi

99,00 €

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UND1C1 is a board game for two players, each acting as the coach of a soccer team. 

- Each coach controls 11 player chips and a deck of cards

- One game lasts 45-60 minutes approximately and is composed of 20 turns. 

- At each turn, coaches can carry out up to 3 actions, and play up to 3 cards. 

You’ll need a cunning strategy to outsmart your opponent and secure the victory. 

Are you ready Coach? This is your time to shine!


  • UND1C1 Grundspiel in Deutsch
  • Booster Deck
Hersteller DM Giochi
Kategorie / Typ Brettspiel
Artikelnummer 8057635280040
Anzahl Spieler 2
Alter ab 11 Jahren
Spieldauer 45 bis 60 Minuten
Sprachen deutsch
Produktsicherheit Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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