Coloma - Kickstarter Deluxe Version Coloma - Kickstarter Deluxe Version Coloma - Kickstarter Deluxe Version

Coloma - Kickstarter Deluxe Version


Howdy pardner! The name’s Buster. Stick with me and I’ll take you from an unsalted greenhorn to a sourdough miner, lickety-split!

The 1849 Gold Rush began in Coloma, California, where gold was discovered in the waters of the American River. As the exciting news spread, people arrived from far and wide, making Coloma one of the fastest growing boomtowns in the West. Claims were staked, homes were built, and businesses were founded.

In the game of Coloma, you are a pioneer who has recently traveled Out West to settle and build an enterprise. You may expand your property by building trading posts, hotels, saloons, stables, and outposts, in addition to mapping the Western frontier, surveying rivers, constructing bridges, and, of course, prospecting for gold. Then, to protect what is yours, you and the other town vigilantes will have to get out your guns and fend off the outlaws looming on the horizon!

A game of Coloma consists of three Rounds. Each Round in Coloma is divided into five Chapters and each Chapter consists of multiple actions that players can take on their turns.

During a Chapter each player will secretly select a Site on the board, with the intention of performing that Site’s listed actions. However, if too many players choose the same Site, they will “Bust” and perform fewer Site actions! Once all actions have been resolved, the Barker tile is rotated clockwise, changing the available actions for the next chapter. Then the players repeat the Site selection and resolution process.

One of the main mechanisms in Coloma – Action selection.

On each turn all players will secretly select an available Site on the board to place their Pioneers and perform that Site’s actions. However, if more players chose the same Site, they will go “bust” and perform a lesser number of actions! Once all of the actions have been resolved, a section of the board’s wheel is rotated, changing the available actions for the next turn.

Besides focusing on their own goals, players will have to foresee where their opponents might go, in order to avoid them and come out ahead.

The action selection is done simultaneously, creating a fast tempo that keeps the game fun and engaging at higher player Counts.

Tableau building is one of the key ways of creating an engine in Coloma.

All Town Buildings have various abilities and it’s up to the players to make their own winning combination that will be perfect for their strategy. All Town Buildings are unique which adds a great replay value.

Hersteller Final Frontier Games
Kategorie / Typ Brettspiel
Artikelnummer 672975067298
Anzahl Spieler 1 bis 6
Alter ab 13 Jahren
Spieldauer 60 bis 90 Minuten
Sprachen englisch
Produktsicherheit Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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