Acaraki - The Java Herbalist

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Book of Madhawapura tells about the story of Acaraki, a Herbalist or an expert of concocting Jamu. Jamu is Javanese word which employs meaning of a mixture of natural herb ingredients that have been existed since centuries ago. In this game, Players will act as the apprentice of Ra Tanca, the greatest Acaraki in Majapahit Empire. Ra Tanca taught his apprentices various kinds of Jamu to cure many diseases as well as marterial arts they could master.

In the Moment of Ra Kuti's Rebellion, Ra Tanca was accused of opposing Kalagamet, the King of Majapahit and therefore he was sent to prison in Kotaraja. He left Messages for his appentice, advising them to Keep working on to become Acaraki and offering helps for the poor ones.

As the apprentices of Ra Tanca, they had to race to collect the herb ingredients and concocted them into Jamu to cure the diseases suffered by People in five regions of Majapahit. Race to determine who'd deserve the coveted Position of Ra Tanca as the next best Aracaraki in Majapahit!

Hersteller Hompimpa! Games
Kategorie / Typ Kartenspiel
Artikelnummer 039
Anzahl Spieler 2 bis 4
Alter ab 14 Jahren
Spieldauer 30 Minuten
Sprachen englisch, indonesisch
Produktsicherheit Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet.

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